Here is a quick turnaround product explainer video which includes character creation and animation. There was a great moment on the initial client consultation where we mentioned the idea and briefly explained it and it was a wonderful ah-ha moment for everyone on the call to kick off with confidence. I love when projects can begin and end with momentum!

When projects for great clients require turnarounds that aren’t realistic, it’s time to get creative and source from available design assets and templates online. This awesome Flat World template provided us the ability to get this video completed in 3 days with multiple change rounds. Kudos to lead animator Jeff Halalay for a great sprint.

We created a standalone 3D animated spot for the new Asus Lyra Voice speaker. Working alongside friend and fellow 3D artist Jeff Halalay in Cinema 4D is always a pleasure. Everyone is really happy with the end result.

It’s a funny feeling when you are creating commercials for products that you really want. These super silly spots feature made-up music artist Enzo Martini and how his life wouldn’t be the same without the amazing Asus Lyra Voice smart speaker. Editing these with my brother Derek Alan Rowe was a blast and the motion graphics work really well.

ASUS is doing some exciting things for professional gamers. Here is a promotional spot for their new ROG monitors and GeForce cards. Filmless was awesome on set and the Phantom slow motion camera was a great idea to showcase the comparison.

I remember growing up and watching movies that had the Morgan Creek logo animation in it. That being said this was a great project to work on with Lead Animator Jeff Halalay who did an incredible job making sure we pleased the client.

When projects have this much creative freedom and you get to work with fun a great director and my brother Derek Alan Rowe who was essential coming together to make this spot fantastic!

Once again it was a pleasure working with my friend and fellow animator Jeff Halalay to create an excellent animation with a style we created years ago on our work together for “Lessons From A Tree.” I love when explainers can be clean but also beautiful.

After many different versions, various music beds, and color options, here is the final delivered video for the Staypineapple commercial. My brother Derek Alan Rowe was lead editor and it was a pleasure again working with Filmless.

There’s a journey with every client to learn how to tell their story in a way that they will appreciate and within their budget. This project was a great effort to achieve an animation within scope of the budget. I decided it would be best if we created a video with pose-driven illustrations and camera movement with depth and parallax.

I really enjoy this type of editing. Connections form quickly and entering a flow state is easily achievable. This is an insightful and inspirational episodic web series created by Nikos Akuña and Filmless. My brother Derek Alan Rowe and I edited the series while blowing through hundreds of clips of stock footage. All my years of Director of Video at Eezy paid off on this project. Additional credit to Maegan Mann for her help editing.

Extremely happy with how the latest spot turned out! It’s hilarious! Great to work with such awesome clients and an amazing producer at Foster Productions.

Every video project has its own interesting creative solutions. Especially when the client has specific ideas in mind. This promotional video has a fun scene while transitioning out of the graphical world into the office and out to the cityscape for the brand identity.

It’s always fun to find creative solutions to tell a story. I really enjoyed creating these spots for an exciting new technology that hopefully doesn’t give us all brain cancer.

Worked with Director and friend Todd Thompson to create these spots for the Astronauts Memorial Foundation at the Kennedy Space Center.

We produced this Indiegogo for a local inventor a few years ago. Sometimes I really wish I could use a PWRSPRK. You don’t really think about it until you have no battery left on your phone.

Boyz II Men performing at the Eat to the Beat concert series at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.

My brother Derek and I traveled to capture the Space X launch of the Falcon 9 in 360 video. We were there to film the launch for an upcoming documentary “Woman In Motion”

Here is the set extension for the TE Connectivity show for Disney Event Group. 1) Render without screen borders. 2) Render with screen borders as if you were there at the show.

A friend of mine turned 30, so this was the intro to his roast video :P